Welcome to Watchtower Library for Mac

You can download the latest version by clicking Watchtower Library for Mac v2.2. Just drag the application to your Applications folder as indicated when you download the disk image (see right). After dropping the app into Applications you can safely eject and trash the downloaded dmg file. Then follow the onscreen video instructions.

App Store

Sorry that you cannot download the app from the Mac App Store. That would have been a very convenient place to access the app and its updates. Although Apple liked the Mac application itself, they did not like the Windows app that it launches! They didn’t want apps downloaded from the App Store looking like Windows apps. Fair enough. Hard to argue with that.

Macs Running Leopard OS X 10.5

Please refer to the instructions for installing version 1.3. See tab on the bottom-left entitled Leopard OS X 10.5. Or click here for the English edition of the 1.3 home page.


Will it run on G4 or G5 Macs?


Sorry, the software requires an Intel-based Mac. PowerPC Macs are therefore not supported. …

Do you accept donations?

Thank you, but no.

If you were thinking of donating, thanks for the kind thought. But I don’t a…

Watchtower Library for iPhone or iPad, any plans?

No plans.

Sorry. It’s a nice idea, for sure. It’s not impossible by any means. Quite the opposi…

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